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Dental Implants

Loose or missing teeth can be devastating for self-confidence. When patients with these conditions avoid social events, they miss out on eating the things that make life worth living in company of those we love most — and many believe it’s too late restore smiles as well put confidence back onto track so you’re able lead full lives again!

If you have been refused treatment elsewhere, our expert team can provide advanced procedures like bone augmentation and zygomatic implants for patients with low density. We also offer Same-Day teeth so that time spent waiting isn’t longer than necessary without a functioning smile!

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

QueensWood Dental Clinic is a team of experts who can provide you with dental implants as either replacement teeth or part if more comprehensive smile rehabilitation process. Our treatments usually incorporate several techniques to address complex oral health issues in order for us restore function, form and confidence – even though there may seem little hope is available.

Dental Implants: a permanent solution

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to tooth loss and mouth problems. They work by using secure titanium posts that replace your teeth’s natural root, allowing you the full functionality of lifetime with one single smiling face!

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