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Improving and Rejuvenating

Prices from £2,850

Though braces have been used for decades to straighten teeth, they’re not always discreet and can be uncomfortable. Invisalign clear aligners solve both problems by using custom made invisible brackets that don’t take up space or bump into other nearby items while hiding behind your teeth.

The best part? Patients love how easy it is when they remove their brace during busy days because there’s no need messing around with wires sticking out all over!

Invisalign not Steel Braces

For decades, orthodontic treatment has relied on fixed braces. They’re effective but they don’t hide well and can be uncomfortable for adults who want discreet care in a package to suit their busy lifestyles – which is why people were glad when Invisalign came out with clear aligners that didn’t use brackets or wires!

Instead of wearing big noticeable appliances all day long (yes we know), these invisible ones are almost impossible To spot even up close during work hours- making them much more appealing than before.

Invisible Braces

Our clinicians are amongst the UK’s best-known and most experienced professionals when it comes to Invisible Braces.

Not only do they have plenty experience with Invisalign, but our patients are delighted with the transformation and results. We can also use our 3D scans to show you a projected outcome if you choose to straighten your smile with Invisalign.

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